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Download Maps for Offline Use

Navigate to an area for download on the main map of Gaia GPS by:

To download the map:

1. Tap the Layers icon .

2. Select the map source you want to download . [GaiaPro users can layer multiple map sources together at varying transparencies as shown in this article. ]

3. Tap Download Maps at the bottom of the Layers screen

4. Drag the dots at the corners of the highlighted rectangle, to select the area of the map you would like to download.

5. Make sure to adjust max zoom levels. Note: more zoom = more detail you will be able to see on the downloaded map. However, the amount of space the map will take up on your device also increases.

6. Tap "Save."

7. Choose a name for your saved map or keep the auto-generated name


Viewing your maps

After the download is complete, you can view your map by tapping "Load in main map" from the map details screen.


Download Progress and Deleting Map Downloads

Note: Gaia GPS must be running in order for downloads to complete. If you close Gaia GPS beforehand, you can Resume or Delete from the Saved Maps screen .

When you download new maps, already saved map download regions will display as colored boxes on the map.

  • Red boxes with blue corner dots indicate the region you're currently downloading.
  • Other layers are different colors or do not have blue dots. See example below

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