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GaiaPro- Using Polygons/Areas

Polygons allow you to create areas, measure area and perimeters, download maps based on areas, and import areas from KML.

Create an Area

1. Choose a Track or Route from your Saved list . You can define the perimeter of an area by creating a route on gaiagps.com or in the app .

2. Scroll down and tap "Convert to area"


3. Confirm that you want to convert to an area. This action cannot be undone. If you do not want to change the original data or lose stats, you can duplicate the track /route and create an area with the copy.


4. Your track/route will now be saved as an area in your Saved list .



Measure Areas and Perimeters

After you create an area, the new data and associated stats can be found in the Saved Areas list .


The screenshots below show how the stats have changed when you convert to an area.



To view the area on the main map, click "Show on Main Map" under the stats.


Note : If your track/route does not start and end at the same place (creating a closed shape), the process of converting will draw a straight line between those points, enclosing the area as seen above.

Download Maps Based on Areas

Scroll down and find the option to download maps for area.


The map download follows these rules:
  • Map Source - The downloaded map uses the map source that is currently selected.
  • Map Resolution/Zoom Level - The download includes zoom level 9-16. This will give you the max resolution for USGS topos, and very high resolution maps for sources like World Topo. This tends to be about right for most sources.
  • Width of Download - The downloaded map includes 5 "tiles" on each side of the line.
Additional notes:
  • iOS users will see a outline indicating the boundaries of the download.

Import Areas from KML

Importing Areas using the same process as importing any other piece of data into Gaia GPS. Follow the instructions linked below for your desired method of import:

Import KML files into Gaia GPS

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