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Manually Create a Route on GaiaGPS.com

On the Main Map screen of GaiaGPS.com, search and zoom in on the area you want go to.

Click the waypoint icon to display the Create Layer menu.

Click Create Route.

 1. Choose the manual route icon to the far left. The bicycle and pedestrian icons will activate Trail Finder.

2. Find your starting point on the map and start creating the desired route, clicking the map to drop points as needed.


3. Drop points and manipulate the line until you have the route you want.

4. You can create a waypoint or delete a point by clicking on it.

You can see elevation and distance statistics in the menu to the left. Note: Hover over any point/waypoint in your route to get specific stats about that point.

Waypoints will also be listed in the left side menu as you create them. 

5. Click save. 

6. Customize the color of your track, add a description, and create a name(a name will automatically generate based on the location, but you can change it).


7. Sync with the gaiagps.com to access this route on your device.

To create an instant snap-to-trail route, you can use the Trail Finder.

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