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Create a Waypoint on GaiaGPS.com

On the Main Map screen of GaiaGPS.com, click the Waypoint icon to drop a pin.

First, click "Create Waypoint", then click the map to add waypoints.

You can manually move the waypoint icon by clicking it,


Once you've clicked the map, a waypoint icon will appear, and a tool box populates on the left. It looks like this:

A. Custom Waypoint icon selection (GaiaPro only)
B. Waypoint name generator (which provides a list of automatically generated names based on location, including coordinates, but can be manually changed as well)
C. Delete waypoint icon

Add notes and save your waypoints here, too.

Once you've finished creating your waypoint on the main map screen, you can find them in your saved data on the site, as well as on your device once you've synced.

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  • 6

    I would like to create a waypoint from lat/lon coordinates

  • 3

    I agree. Lat/Long or UTM.   Not only waypoints, but also a file of points for a route.

  • 0

    Another vote for lat/lon.

  • 0

    Please add the ability to add things by Lat Lon. Sometimes the name is not one which can be searched for and frequently the only data is lat lon.

  • 0

    No ability to input a waypoint via coordinates is a huge pain.

    Dragging on the map is no help because the map doesn't display coordinates, so I have no idea if I've drug the pin to the correct location or not.

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