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Information for iPad Users

*Please note: 'WiFi only' iPads do not have a built in GPS and require an external GPS unit in order to track location when not connected to the internet.

Since the iPad has a much larger screen, the Gaia user interface is a bit different than it is for iPhone.

Some key differences:

1. Entering the menu
2. Finding Saved data



3. Managing map sources and overlays



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    Since an iPhone can be tethered to a WiFi only iPad to share cellular data (when in cell service), is it possible to also share the GPS data from the iPhone to the iPad, using the iPhone’s GPS? And would that work in remote settings? (I can use my iPhone’s GPS in remote situations away from cell and WiFi access; I’m interested in also using an iPad with Gais GPS in remote situations).

    I’m looking at buying a new iPad and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth spending more for a cellular iPad version just to have the GPS chip inside for mapping on my iPad when I’m in remote areas with offline Gais GPS maps. (I don’t plan to pay for a data plan on my iPad, but may occasionally connect it to my iPhone to use that data).

    Also, what are the pros/cons of using a cellular iPad’s GPS chip vs. a WiFi iPad with an external GPS? Is a dedicated external GPS better in off the grid situations than the chip inside a cellular iPad?

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hey Erin,

    There is not a way that I know of to share GPS info from your iPhone to your iPad. 

    A standalone GPS definitely has the potential to be more accurate than the GPS chip built into a cellular iPad, however, most people do not require such accuracy.

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    Thanks, Ashli. About what I was thinking.

    The Apple Store employees are great overall, but most of them don't know details about GPS chips and mapping. I guess it's a niche audience.

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