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Information for Apple Watch Users


Using Gaia GPS with Apple Watch will give you the ability to see your location, pause recording and check stats all at a glance. 

Setting up Gaia GPS on Apple Watch

To make using Gaia easier on the watch, you can add it to your "glances" (Watch OS 1 & 2) or "dock" (Watch OS 3). Find the Apple Watch app on your device, select "glances" and add Gaia GPS to the list.


Watch OS 1 & 2

Watch OS 3

Adding Stats

You can choose which stats are readily available on the watch.


Choose between:
  • Time  
  • Elevation  
  • Compass  
  • Pace  
  • GPS satellite strength  
  • Distance  
  • Total ascent and descent  
  • Current Speed  

To add stats:

  • Open Gaia GPS on your iPhone or iPad
  • Go to "Settings"
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Watch Display"
  • Long-press and drag stats up to SELECTED


Start recording from your mobile device, and pause from the watch.
The first screen will show recording time. Tap once to pause and again to continue.

You can also mark a waypoint from this screen


The Map Screen

The third screen is a live preview of the map screen. Follow your progress and check your location without taking out your phone.


Zoom on the map and center on location. Hard press the screen to bring up the options to zoom in/out and go to location.


Notes on Battery life:

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  • 2

    I see Apple Watch is likely to release a new model with GPS which will be so nice for your app & no need to carry a phone on hikes or runs.

  • 1
    Charles Johnson

    So, I just got the new Nike Apple Watch, Series 2 w/ GPS.  One of the first apps purchased is Gaia - as it seems to be the only one that supports off-road mapping from the web - Awesome!  I had been a huge GPS kit user - but development fell off there - and it's barely running on new phones.  I've been able to easily transfer my gpx - and I love the folder organization in Gaia.  

    Two things: 

    1.  Built in GPS/Map for watch  - would be over the top great.

    2.  Zoom map with watch crown wheel?  Possible?  the force-touch thing is awkward and less appropriate for a zoom  in or out operation IMHO.  

  • 0
    John Landry

    I have apple watch series 2, got it for hiking using gaigps.  The watch app doesn't seem to stay connected and doesn't refresh the data except if you pause and restart from the watch.  That will update the watch info but it then doesn't keep up on your distance, elevation, etc.  I have seen on hiking forums others that have the same issue. Does this functionality require a pro subscription?  

  • 0

    Hi, I love Gaia GPS and have been using it for years to navigate trails while running. Would be great to get useful maps on the watch, so I can see when to turn without needing to take out my phone.
    My problem is that waypoints are cluttering the map, even when turn off on the phone. How do I suppress waypoints?
    Overall the watch support seems like an afterthought - is this improved in the subscription version of Gaia?

  • 0

    For those now using Apple Watch, can I now leave my iPhone at home & run, track, see my route on a map & have the data sync. With upgrade to  iPhone X, it is too expensive to run with it in order to use Gaia GPS


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