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Create a Snap-to-Trail Route on GaiaGPS.com (Trail Finder)

How to use the new Trail Finder

*For tips about using the Trail Finder, visit our blog .
  • Go to the main map page on gaiagps.com and search for the area where you would like to create a route.
  • Choose your map source. The trail finder works best with OpenStreetMap sources, including OpenHikingMap and OpenCycleMap, because it relies on the same data as these maps. It may not pick up trails on sources like USGS topos.
  • Select to create a route(making sure the pedestrian icon or the bike icon on the left is selected). Click at your starting point and again at your end point. The trail finder will snap to nearby trails.


  • At this time data is not available for Antarctica
  • "Snap to trail" routes cannot extend beyond 250 miles

You can also use GaiaGPS.com to create a manual route .

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