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Force a Sync with GaiaGPS.com

The Gaia GPS app will initiate a sync whenever you are online, and you:

  • create or modify a Waypoint
  • create or modify a Photo
  • create or modify a Map
  • create, modify, or stop recording a Track
  • at regular intervals while recording a Track

However, there may be times when you want to force a sync to bring your files up to date immediately. For instance, if you update something on our website and you want to see the change reflected on your device right away. Or, if you have 2 devices and want to sync changes between them immediately.

Force a Sync 

At the bottom of the menu, tap Account.

Then, tap "Last Sync" to immediately trigger a sync between your device and gaiagps.com.

When finished, Last Sync should show the time the sync completed. 

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    Regis Carr

    This FAQ does not address an "Sync Incomplete". I have not been able to sync my iPhone data with the Gaia.com. It is tough to establish way-points on an iPhone 5SE, but once I do, I sure do want to sync it with the website. Thanks

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Regis,

    The Sync Incomplete message typically appears if you are not fully logged into the app. You can logout, force close the app and login to your account again to fix. If you have trouble after that, send an email to support@gaiagps.com.

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    Ian Puleston

    This is an iOS forum and I have an Android phone, but I too was hitting the same "sync incomplete" problem and managed to solve it. I just upgraded to a new phone and needed to sync to the cloud so that I could pull my tracks onto the new one. The first attempt managed to sync 6 of about 30 tracks, then gave "sync incomplete". But then numerous further attempts all gave that same message again and would not sync any more tracks.

    I tried deleting a couple of the tracks that did sync off the phone (old one that I don't care about) and it synced the deletes OK and deleted them from the cloud server, but still could not sync out any more of the other unsynced tracks. So...

    I found a log file in Gaia's data in the Android file system that included logs of these sync attempts including the first partially complete one, and all ended by logging "Socket timeout in sync".

    I have a not-very-fast DSL line at home which gets easily overwhelmed by too much data load, so today I brought the old phone into work where we have a very fast internet connection and, lo and behold, all my saved tracks synced successfully on the very first attempt. So I think that the problem is that Gaia Cloud sync is not handling slow responses from the cloud server very well.

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