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Force a Sync with GaiaGPS.com

The Gaia GPS app will initiate a sync whenever you are online, and you:

  • create or modify a Waypoint
  • create or modify a Photo
  • create or modify a Map
  • create, modify, or stop recording a Track
  • at regular intervals while recording a Track

However, there may be times when you want to force a sync to bring your files up to date immediately. For instance, if you update something on our website and you want to see the change reflected on your device right away. Or, if you have 2 devices and want to sync changes between them immediately.

Force a Sync 

At the bottom of the menu, tap Account.

Then, tap "Last Sync" to immediately trigger a sync between your device and gaiagps.com.

When finished, Last Sync should show the time the sync completed. 

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