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Getting Started on gaiagps.com

Go to gaiagps.com and login to your account. If you don't have an account, click " Not a member? Register! " to create one.

Navigating the Website

Click your username to find synced data, the uploader, subscription information and your user profile.

Here are the different things you can do from a synced data list screen on gaiagps.com (numbered top to bottom on the screenshot below):

  1. Review notifications
  2. Mass select data to (number of items selected shows under data type):
    • File into a folder
    • Toggle sync/archive
    • Delete
  3. Verify data type you're viewing
  4. Upload a GPX or KML file from data summary pages
  5. Show Archived/Show Filed buttons
  6. Click any title to view the details page for that piece of data
  7. Toggle individual pieces of data to sync or archive by clicking the green "On" and red "Off" icons


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