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Add GaiaPro To Another Device (or Restore After a Reinstall)

You can add your GaiaPro subscription to multiple devices, or re-add it to a device where Gaia GPS was deleted and reinstalled.

To link a GaiaPro subscription purchased on the Google Play Store to a Gaia GPS account, scroll down and follow the instructions to 'Restore'.
Login to an existing GaiaPro Subscription
1. Tap the menu icon and select "Settings".
2. Scroll down to the section labeled GAIACLOUD.
3. Tap "Account" and enter the email address and password associated with your GaiaPro subscription.
Restore a GaiaPro Subscription

You may need to restore a subscription if you purchased GaiaPro through the Google Play Store and are having trouble using GaiaPro when logging into your account on gaiagps.com.
1. Tap the menu icon and select "Settings".

2. Scroll down to Restore Purchases

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