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Use Layered Maps With GaiaPro

GaiaPro allows you to use and download layered maps. You can layer different map sources together, and adjust the transparency of those which are not set as the base layer.
1. To use the layered map feature, tap the Layers icon.
2. Tap on the green arrow to the left of the map source name to layer it with your other map sources, or long-press the button to the right of the name and drag to the Visible section. 
3. Slide the visibility bar to change the transparency of each level.
4. You can now see your layered maps and download them for offline use.
The combinations are endlessyou can overlay topos on top of aerial imagery and show physical features along with their labels. You can add hill-shading to OpenStreetMaps to get a classic shaded road atlas. While online, you can even overlay NEXRAD weather images.
For when you are offline, you can download the layered map sources at once so that you can customize your layers offline. This also simplifies the download process so that you can save several map sources simultaneously, even if you don’t want to view them layered together.


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