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Import GPX or KML Files From Your SD Card, Email or Dropbox

Learn how to import GPX and KML file to Gaia GPS for Android. Click here for instructions on importing to Gaia GPS for iOS.

From Email

1. Email a GPX or KML file to yourself as an attachment.

2. Open the email on your device and tap the attachment to download the file

3. Tap the file again and select to open with Gaia GPS

4. After the import finishes, you can find under Menu > Folders

From SD Card

1. Add the GPX file to your SD card

2. In Gaia GPS, tap the Menu Icon

3. Select "Import File" from the menu list

4. Locate the file you would like to import on your SD card and tap it.

When the screen reads "Successfully Imported Track(s)" your file will be available in your saved folders.

Import From Dropbox

1. Add the GPX or KML file to your Dropbox account.

2. Install the Dropbox app on your device

3. Find and select the file from the Dropbox app

4. Select to "open with" Gaia GPS

5. When completed a "Succesfully Imported Track(s)" message will appear

6. The file will be available in your saved folders


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