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Create and Edit Waypoints

1. Tap the Waypoint icon.

2. Select either Create Waypoint (to manually position it on the screen), Create Waypoint Near Me (to drop it at your current position), or Take Picture.

If you select "Create Waypoint", a details screen will pop up. Here, you can manually adjust the waypoint's coordinates, name it, and long-press the pin to move it around the screen for precise positioning.

3. After you "Create a Waypoint Near Me": rename it or save with the auto-generated date and time.

Once a waypoint is saved, it will show up in your Saved list .

Edit a Saved Waypoint

Find the waypoint on the map or from your Saved List .

  1. Edit the name
  2. File in a folder
  3. Add a picture
  4. Add notes
  5. Move the waypoint

To move: change the coordinates of the waypoint or drag it across the screen to a new location.

Click Save.



After opening a waypoint, users have the option of "opening in" the Theodolite app. You can find more information about Theodolite here: http://hrtapps.com/theodolite/

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