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Record & Resume Tracks

 Record a track from the Map screen or the Trip Computer.

From the Map:

Change one of the Stats boxes at the bottom of your map screen to show the Record button.

Scroll the list to select the Recording Button. Then tap any of the Stats boxes to collapse the list.

After the Recording Button is set on your Stats bar:

Tap "Record".

To finish recording, tap the track timer as seen above.

Select "Finish Track" or "Resume Recording" if you paused the track. This will take you directly to the Track Details screen so you can view or edit your new Track .

From the Trip Screen:

From the Menu , tap Trip Stats.

Tap Record.

The Record button will turn into a track timer.

From the Trip Computer, you can also re-name your track by tapping the auto-generated location and typing in a new name.

To Finish recording, tap on the track timer.

Select "Finish Track" from the pop-up screen.


To resume a track that has been finished:

1. Find the track from your Saved List

2. Scroll down and tap "Resume Recording"

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