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Manage Saved Tracks on gaiagps.com

To manage your saved data on gaiagps.com, first sync your device . Then select the piece of data you'd like to view/edit .

The Details Screen

From here you can:

  1. Edit the name of your saved track
  2. Favorite tracks, view the number of favorites, and comment
  3. Share via Facebook, Twitter, or Direct URL
  4. Toggle public or private
  5. Download GPX, KML, or GeoJSON file, Get Directions, File to folder, or Delete track permenently 
  6. Zoom the map
  7. Select map source to display, Print the track (GaiaPro-only), or Exand the map view
  8. Add and view photos
  9. View and manipulate graphs of your track data
  10. Review the stats of your track
  11. Add comments
  12. View and edit track notes


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