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Things That Can Affect the Compass

Here is a list of variables that affect your compass and some things you can do to troubleshoot if you find it is not functioning as it should:

Tip: Check other compass apps on your phone. If you experience compass issues in other apps, likely the phone has an issue rather than Gaia GPS.

1. To orient your map screen to the direction of your movement and scroll automatically as you move, you must turn on "course up" mode. See step 2 of this article.

  • North-up mode will always orient the map North. The directional arrow will only point towards the top of the map when you are facing north.

2. Disabled compass calibration: Affects map orientation if not working properly. Follow these directions to troubleshoot .

3. If you are in a car or near metal/magnetic objects (ex. a computer).

4. Not having a GPS signal.

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