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Import Maps/Data with Mapbox Studio

Use Mapbox Studio to import many kinds of maps/data.

Note that Gaia GPS can import GPX files and simple KML files directly, but Mapbox Studio will also let you bring in more data and geo-referenced images types like MBTiles, KML, GPX, GeoJSON, Shapefile (zipped), CSV, or GeoTiff.

  • Click "New Layer" and click "source"

  • If you have data imported into your MapBox account already, select it. Otherwise, click "New Tileset" 
  • Add or upload your data and select in the editor
  • Set min and max zoom levels
  • Click "Create Layer"
  • After selecting and viewing your file in the editor, select "Publish", then "Preview, develop & use"

On the following page you'll find a TMS URL

  • Under "User style in other apps" select CartoDB
  • Copy the URL



Import to gaiagps.com 

To upload the TMS URL directly to your gaiagps.com account, follow the instructions here.


Import directly to app (iOS only)


You will use this link to create a TileJSON file for Gaia GPS, to import the map. For help creating a TileJSON, view the instructions here. 

Once you have a correct JSON, you can import to Gaia GPS via iTunes .

Also note:

  • If you have old paper or digital maps that need to be geo-referenced, instead see this article about using mapwarper.net .
  • If you are importing a vector map to MapBox Studio, it needs to be a zipped Shapefile that includes .shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj files
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    I am going to Peru this summer and I need a detailed TOPO but I can't find a good option from the app (iOS).  What do you recommend?

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