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Import Non-Georeferenced Maps into Gaia GPS

Some paper/digital files are not true maps, and must be geo-referenced to use within Gaia GPS. If you have a map, such as a .tif file, check out this article about importing maps and data into Gaia GPS.

To import a digital/paper map into Gaia that has not been geo-referenced yet:

  1. Visit http://mapwarper.net/
  2. Create an account and log in
  3. Upload your map image or URL
  4. "Rectify" the map by choosing points that correspond to the reference map.  We recommend placing at least four points of rectification, add more if you would like your map to be more accurate.

Once you have saved and rectified your map:

  1. Click the Export Tab
  2. Copy the Tiles URL


To gaiagps.com:

To upload the TMS URL directly to your gaiagps.com account, follow the instructions here.



Create a TileJSON File (iOS only):
Here is an example of what the file should look like ( For help creating a TileJSON file, please see here ):


4. Enter the appropriate information for your map. The "name" of the file will be what appears as the layers title once it is imported into Gaia. (If you are unsure of the min and max zoom, choose 4 and 18)

Importing into Gaia

  1. Import the TileJSON file into Gaia via iTunes by following the instructions here
  2. The map source will now be visible in your layers menu
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    Is it possible to import a map into the Android app or even gaiagps.com?

    Edited by MosheJacobson
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    Ashli Baldwin


    Yes, you'll create the TMS URL the same way, and then import here: https://www.gaiagps.com/mapsource/add/

    The page is still under construction which is why we don't have an article for it just yet.

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