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How to Change Settings & Manage Your Account

Access and manage your in-app Settings

From the Menu , tap Settings.


For iPad:




  • Coordinate Type - Used when entering or viewing coordinates. Available coordinate types are:
  1. Decimal Degrees
  2. Degree Minutes Seconds
  3. Degrees Decimal Minutes
  4. UTM
  5. MGRS
  • Datum - WGS84 or NAD27
  • Units - Metric or Imperial
  • Distance - Standard or Nautical



  • Colors - Select Colors for App and Highlight Text

  • Night Color - Black or Red. Appears when Night Brightness slider is turned down
  • Night Brightness - Turn this slider down to view a low brightness display
  • Zoom Label - Label that shows current Zoom Level

  •  Cluster Waypoints - This option allows you to decide whether or not waypoints get grouped together when they are plotted closely. With this setting turned on, grouped waypoints will show a badge indicating how many are in a group
  • Saved View - Grid or List. Changes the display for 'saved' lists, such as saved tracks, waypoints or routes.


  • Auto-resume - When turned on, map downloads will automatically resume when launching the app

  • Check Data Integrity - Checks for missing tile data for maps. Typically not used
  • Last Integrity Check - Date of last integrity check


  • North Reference - True or Magnetic
  • Compass Warning - Disable or Enable to built in iOS compass calibration. Your device will only prompt for compass calibration if it detects there is a problem
  • Map Arrow - Toggle the map arrow between "Bearing" and "Compass" Modes


  • No GPS Until Activated-prevent Gaia GPS from locating you or tracking your movements until you engage the GPS by locating yourself on the map or starting a track recording
  • Disable Altitude Lookup-toggling this setting ON prevents Gaia GPS from applying elevation values to routes created in the app, or waypoints created any place other than where the user is standing (since Altitude Lookups require an internet connection to fetch the data, disabling that feature may be useful to those wanting to prevent data usage).


  • Storage Use - View how much storage your app data takes up
  • Clear Cache - Deletes a temporary cache of recently viewed map tiles


  • Watch Display - Change what settings are visible for Gaia GPS on the Apple Watch
  • Save to Photo Library - if this setting is "on", photos taken within the app will be automatically saved to your camera roll.
  • Enable AirPlay Displays - For use with Apple AirPlay devices. Optimizes screen display to show a full screen map image.
  • Send Activity Logs - Send error logs to the developers if you are experiencing an issue


Manage Your Account
From the Menu , tap Account under the sub heading Gaia GPS.

  • Login -Log in with your GaiaGPS.com account
  • Sync/Backup - Toggle on to auto-sync with GaiaGPS.com
  • Last Sync - Date of last full sync
  • Auto-Publish - Option to auto-publish all finished Tracks
  • GaiaPro- Log into your GaiaPro account or subscribe for one here

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    Ashli Baldwin


    I got your email and responded to you there.

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    This section is a useless regurgitation of the settings menu.  Nothing is explained. How can you present this as "help"? 

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    Sooo i have had gaiagps for years now. I love it but the only drawback is public land is not listed. I was prompted to dowload the new app with the promise that if i did i would get a two year subscription for being a long time customer. But when i go to use the public lands layer it says i need to pay 29.99 for a membership... what gives? Whats the difference between the old app and the new if i still cant use the public land layer with my cool new 2 year free "subcription"?

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