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Managing Folders on gaiagps.com

To view folders online

Adding a Waypoint or Track to a folder

Option 1
: From one of your saved lists, select one or more pieces of data to file and then click "File to Folder."


Option 2: From an items detail page, select "File to Folder" from underneath the Title.


Next, select an existing folder, or click "Create New Folder" to create a new one.


Name your folder and click "Create Folder" to save.


Note: You can create subfolders by filing a folder into another folder. Keep in mind that subfolders cannot be filed into multiple folders. 

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    Harold Naparst

    This does not work for me.  Trying to file a route into a folder called "Portland"  I click on the route name, then file to folder, then choose the folder named Portland.  The name Portland shows up in the Folder column of the My Routes list for the desired trail.  Then if I refresh the page, the folder name Portland disappears from the folder column for that route.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi @Harold,

    We're working to fix this right now. For now, click on your route to open it. On the next page click "File to Folder" at the top. That should do the trick.

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    Annette Jezierska

    Hi @Ashli - update - I've got it working now!! no need to reply.


    have you fixed this feature for Option 1? I can't get it to work - the files don't appear in the new folder . i just get a picture of the sea.

    Edited by Annette Jezierska
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    When I create a new track, it appears in a list called My Tracks; but when I import a track from my GPS, it seems to place it in a folder instead of the list with everything else. Similarly, once I move an item to a folder, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it from that folder back to the list.

    It would be great if I could move my tracks, routes and waypoints in the general list to a folder as needed, or back to the general list...


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