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Managing Folders in iOS

The folders feature allows you to organize your tracks and easily access your imports.

Visibility in Folders

There are three visibility options for data in a Folder:

  • all contents visible (toggle shows blue)
  • all contents hidden (the toggle shows white)
  • Some contents visible (the toggle shows visible/total contents)

If the toggle shows a fraction, scroll down in the Folder details screen to see which data has been toggled not to show.


Once a track has been added to a folder, you can toggle whether or not that track still appears in your Saved Tracks list .


Add Tracks, Routes, Waypoints, or Maps to a folder:

1. From the Saved data list , open the item you want to move

2. Tap the Folder icon


3. Select the appropriate folder 

Tip when filing an item into a sub-folder:

1. Switch from grid to list view in Gaia's settings under Appearance

2. Now you can directly file items into a sub-folder by tapping the folder icon to the right of the parent folder

To remove a Track or Waypoint from a folder:

1. From the Folders list , tap the appropriate Folder

2. Swipe left over the data you would like to remove

3. Tap Remove


To add a Sub-Folder

1. Create a new Folder

2. Once created, open it and tap the Folder icon from the details page.

3. Select the folder you would like to file it under, as a sub-folder.


Drag and drop the Sub-Folder into the Main Folder

Dragging and dropping Folders will give you the option of creating a Sub-Folder, or combining the contents of both Folders.


From the main folder, Tap the + sign next to "Folders" to add a sub-folder.


To Remove a Sub-Folder

1. Tap the Folder that contains the Sub-Folder

2. Swipe left over the Folder you would like to remove

3. Tap Remove

Deleting a Folder

Enter the Folder you would like to delete, scroll to the bottom and tap DELETE


From the Saved Folders List, Swipe Left and select DELETE


Enter the Saved Folders List and long tap to drag the Folder into the trash bin that appears.


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    It would be helpful if the help screen stated what happens to an item if it is "removed" from a folder as described. Is it gone forever?  Is if moved to a different location?

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    <deleted comment...question answered from the helpful Gaia support team!>

    Edited by icycle
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    robgerety: after looking into this more, it's clear to me now that a left swipe shows delete and remove, and the remove just means remove from the folder. Delete means it will be gone forever. They could probably clarify that above.

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