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Publish and Share Your Tracks

After recording a track , you can publish it on gaiagps.com or share it with your friends via text, email, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Publishing a track
If you would like your tracks to automatically publish on the web, you can turn on the auto-publish option in Settings .

To publish individual tracks:

1. Select the track you want to publish from the Saved list .

2. Tap on "Publish" in the top-right corner of the screen.

Publish a Track from GaiaGPS.com Please refer to this Knowledge Base article, How to Share a Track using GaiaGPS.com , for instructions on how to publish a track from the website (#2).
Sharing a track
Once you've synced to the web , you can select 'Share' from the track's detail page. A link will be generated and you can choose how you would like to share.


In order to publish or share your tracks, you must have your device set to sync
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    i want to share my tracks on facebook groups that belong too not just post on the home wall.  I want not long show the link but also the tracks and stats.  how do I do that?  I see that some people post interactive tracks on their blog.  please help.




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    Ashli Baldwin

    If you have a blog, you can embed the track using these instructions: http://blog.gaiagps.com/embedmaps/

    Embedding the track isn't possible on Facebook, however.

    Instead of copying the link for your track and pasting it in Facebook, you can click the 'share with facebook' icon on the track page.

    On the next page click the drop-down menu in the top left and choose 'share in a group'. Sharing this way will show your track title, description and a collage of images if your track has any.

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