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Upload GPX and KML Files

Upload GPX or KML files to the web at https://www.gaiagps.com/upload/ or by navigating to that page from the dropdown menu connected to your username.


Name the folder that will contain your imported file, select the file you want to add to your account, then click "Upload."

Run a sync from your device to access the data there:



  • Gaia GPS has a file limit of 1,000 tracks.
  • Larger files may take longer to import.
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    Is there a published list of supported GPX tags?  I'd love to include color in my GPX files instead of having to go to my app and use the clunky color wheel.  Not being able to set color on the much easier to use web interface (nor do so by selecting defined numbers or entering hex codes) is a big flaw.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    The color is not currently able to be recognized on import, however, here is a list of tags that are fully supported:

    • time 
    • ele
    • wpt
    • rte
    • lat
    • lon
    • name
    • trkseg
    • rtept
    • trkpt
    • desc
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    I have tried several times to upload GPX files and I get the comment, "we were unable to read this file?"

    What is the solution to this?

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    Ashli Baldwin


    Please email the file to support@gaiagps.com so that we can take a look.

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