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Map Legends

OpenStreetMap-based sources:

Many maps in Gaia GPS are OpenStreetMap-based sources, such as OpenHikingMap, OpenCycleMap, and OpenLandscapeMap. These maps will include all, or some of the features shown here:

NOAA Marine Charts:


USGS Geology:


Aviation Maps:


CalTopo Slope Shading Overlay:


USGS Topo Map:


World Topo (OpenCycleMap by Thunderforest):

New Public Lands Overlay:


Old Public Lands Overlay:




You can go to https://data.fs.usda.gov/geodata/rastergateway/states-regions/states.php to view and download individual USFS PDF maps. Each PDF download will include a map legend. Here is a sample legend from the Bowen Mountain Quad in Colorado:



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    This is it?  This is all you have on map legends?  You are basically selling maps with no legends.  This pathetic entry doesn't even discuss the legends.  It's just some random links.  You need to address this.  This is a serious shortcoming.  Without legends the maps are far less useful.

    I suggest you develop a legend for each map and include it in the app.  They need to be available offline.

    Edited by krisludington
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    Amen. I just paid for Gaia Pro and am spinning my wheels trying to understand different colors and icons. Urrrr


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    And contour intervals! 20 ft, 10 ft, 20 meters, which is it?

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    I totally agree with krisludington and the other frustrated users. Give us useful legends within maps or highly integrated into each one. Please!


    Edited by annalysa200
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    I have stared at enough maps to know what most of the symbology means but it would be handy to have a legend. 

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    Legends need to be added for every map and view accessible from the application screen with all maps downloaded.
    Without this there is no reason to continue using this app and a premium subscription will be lost.
    As an example, I have a weather layer with no idea what the colors mean, so for planning purposes this layer is completely useless. How can that just be overlooked?
    To cut into it, Its hard to believe that as a map developer you have avoided including the basics that every single map produced must have, a map key and legend. With printed maps each map can have a different scales and the colors from printers can appear differently. That being understood its an essential part of printed maps being effective and it should naturally be included with Gaia GPS to explain to the user what the heck all the visual indicators mean. Rationally, someone who programed this had to ask the tough questions of what each data stream explains to properly render the data in a useable format, that information needs to extended to the end user.
    With so many layers maps can get confusing but to add insult to the complexity, not providing an explanation of all the symbols and lines drawn is neglect of the user experience, down right frustrating.
    Please fix.

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hey xtremewaianae,

    I'm sorry you've been frustrated. A few notes:

    1) We have an updated version of this article that includes more legends. Click here to view it.

    2) Click here to learn about the weather layer colors: https://blog.gaiagps.com/get-48-hour-precipitation-forecasts-on-any-map-in-gaia-gps/

    3) I agree that it'd be beneficial to have these legends somewhere more accessible, and it's definitely on the product development radar. 

    4) If you'd prefer a refund in the meantime, please send a note to ashli@gaiagps.com so I can help.

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