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Using External GPS Devices with Gaia (Dual XGPS, Bad Elf, etc.)

Gaia GPS can use external GPS devices such as the Dual XGPS and Bad Elf. This is especially useful for users that have wifi-only iPads or iPod touches, which do not have built in GPS chips. These devices can also provide greater accuracy and frequency than the built-in GPS.

1) We use the best signal  - The iPad/iPhone will switch back and forth between the internal and external GPS, based on whichever source has the best signal. 

2) Pairing - Download the companion apps for these devices that confirm that the devices have properly connected.  

Please note: if you are getting a "Bad Coordinates" message from Gaia GPS, please check to make sure Bluetooth is turned on in the settings of your device. 

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    Herb Sargent

    Is it possible to toggle to a Bad Elf GPS only?

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