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GaiaPro - How to Use Layered Maps

GaiaPro allows you to use and download layered maps. You can stack many map layers, and adjust the transparency of each - even offline.

1. First, tap the Layers icon to view the Layers menu.

Note: A base map will always be selected.

2. Next, tap or drag a map source(s) up to "Visible" to layer with your base map.

3. Then drag the toggles underneath the map layers to adjust their transparency.

Now you can see your custom layered maps and download them for offline use .


Layer any combination of our dozens of map sources together with GaiaPro, and adjust their opacities to reflect the exact information you want. Pair your topos and street maps with hill shading to give an in-depth look at the terrain for planning, or pair together other sources so you're always prepared. While online, you can even overlay real-time NEXRAD weather.

You can select several map sources for download at one time to combine while offline. Downloading multiple layers at once simplifies the download process even if you don't plan to layer the maps together. We recommend limiting the number of layers you view simultaneously to 4 or 5.



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