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Reduce Battery Loss

We understand battery drain is a concern on longer trips, so here are some tips for conserving battery in the backcountry.

Things you can do to increase the battery life of your device:

  • Lower the brightness
  • Restrict iOS location services so that only Gaia GPS pulls your location while you hike
  • Record your hike in Airplane Mode to block your device from searching for cellular data

There are also settings in Gaia GPS for power saving:

  • Disable altitude lookup
  • No GPS Until Activated: if turned "ON" Gaia GPS will not locate you or track your movements until you engage the GPS with the Location crosshairs or start a track recording
  • Collapse the compass band: The app will not use location services to find your compass direction

Apple has a useful site that lists ways to preserve battery life. Additionally, Adventure Alan has a very informative website that explains how to use the iPhone as a GPS tracking device, including detailed information on reducing battery loss.


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    Christopher Lord

    Could be expanded to include examples of getting into these settings.

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    Gaia needs a way to automatically blank the screen.  All of these battery save suggestions are insignificant compare to Gaia keeping the screen lit all the time.

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