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Managing Folders on Android

Folders allow you to organize your data in the ways that make sense to you. 

Saved Folders Screen

A lot of functionality is packed into the Folders screen, here's a short run-down:

  1. Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner to add a new folder

  2. There are six types of content you can store in a folder, these are what the icons mean from top-left to bottom right: Tracks, Waypoints, Maps, Routes, Photos, Subfolders 

  3. The buttons on the far right control the visibility of each folder. Tap where it says “On” to toggle the folder's visibility on the main map. If you see two numbers separated by a “/”, the number to the right is total pieces of data in the folder, and the number to the left is the number of those pieces of data set to visible. 

You can arrange your Folders by Name or Date on this screen.

Folders Details Screen

You can also manage the content of you folders from the details screen.

  1. Edit the name of a Folder

  2. Add notes about the contents

  3. Select a parent folder. You can either create a new folder or add it to an already existing one.

  4. By tapping the plus signs, you can add existing Waypoints, Tracks, and Maps to your Folder.

    If you tap this icon next to Folders (as pictured), you will be prompted to select an existing folder to add, or to create a new one. 

  5. You can toggle data within a folder to not be visible by tapping “On”, you can also remove or delete data by tapping the down carrot to the right of the selection.


Create Folders

You can create a folder to contain any piece of data by tapping the folder icon found on the details screen.

You can either create a new folder, or select an existing one.

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