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Import maps using MBtiles

GaiaPro subscribers can import .mbtiles files into Gaia GPS, which lets you use a wide variety of maps/data in Gaia GPS.

  • First, you can use Mapbox Studio to create an .mbtiles file, based on data from various filetypes: .geojson, .gpx, .csv, .kml, and .tif.
  • Then, you can import .mbtiles into Gaia GPS directly.
  • Note that Gaia GPS can import GPX files and simple KML files directly (even without GaiaPro), but Mapbox Studio will also let you bring in more data and geo-referenced images types, such as .geojson, .tif, .csv, .kml, and more.

Use Mapbox Studio to create MBTiles

  • First, you will need to download Mapbox Studio
  • Create a mapbox.com account and connect it to Mapbox Studio
  • Start a new project as a blank source and add your image as a new layer

  • Save the project 
  • Click "settings" and "export to mbtiles"

Once the file is done exporting, you can import directly into Gaia GPS via Dropbox.


If you cannot see the image upon import to Mapbox Studio, or if it doesn't show up after uploading to Mapbox.com, contact Mapbox Studio customer support.

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  • 0
    Jeremy Franz

    Can you please provide more info on how to load a mbtiles file to GaiaGPS via Dropbox?  Thanks!


  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Jeremy,


    I've added some more information about Dropbox import here: https://help.gaiagps.com/hc/en-us/articles/215534548

    With GaiaPro, you'll be able to import MBTiles the same way.

  • 0
    Bryan Harrold

    Ashli, I have a .mbtiles file ready to go and uploaded to dropbox, but the option to open in...Gaia does not come up. I know it's good though because it works in LeadNav (trying to switch to Gaia). Any help?

  • 0
    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Bryan,

    Do you have GaiaPro enabled? Either way, send me an email to support@gaiagps.com and we can investigate.

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