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Location Based Services and Gaia GPS

You may desire to turn off your location services to extend battery life when out on a trek. There is no way to automatically turn off location based services in Gaia GPS on an Android device. While every phone has these services in different places you'll want follow the same procedure regardless of type of Android you are using:
  • Locate and turn off "Location" on your Android. (This prevents your device from sending information to apps that attempt to track you location.) 
  • Locate and turn off "Wi-Fi" on your device. (This will prevent your device from pinging and looking for different wi-fi devices in your area.) 
  • Locate and turn on "Airplane Mode" on your device. (When in Airplane mode your phone will receive data but will be unable to receive phone calls or texts).
(Please note that depending on what model Android you have, Airplane Mode may turn off the GPS in your device. Gaia GPS will not work if the GPS is disabled, so if you find Gaia GPS doesn't work after turning on Airplane Mode, switch off and only turn off location and wifi services on your device.)

Note--Once these functions are turned off you'll only have access to maps you've already downloaded onto your device.

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