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Crop Your Tracks

Cropping can be useful if you forget to stop recording a the end of a trek.

2. Select "Edit".
3. Slide the buttons to crop the start and/or end of the track.

4. Click "Save" when finished.
5. The next time you view your track, you will no longer see the cropped portion of your track.
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    This is very hard to do for a long hike. My phone screen is ~1.5" wide and the slider button is less than that. For a 10 mile hike, each mile is ~.10" which makes it nearly impossible to get the exact crop you want. If you left your device on and there's a 10-20 mile drive added on, each mile is maybe 1/20". It would be much better if this feature were usable thru a PC, with their huge screens allowing fine cropping. 

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    Ashli Baldwin

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the suggestion, feel free to add to the gaiagps.com feature requests section of the Community Forums: https://help.gaiagps.com/hc/en-us/community/topics

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