Find Trails With Gaia GPS

1. - You can sync other Gaia users' tracks to your account at .
2. Popular Trail Websites - Go to popular trail websites and download GPX and KML files to import.
3. Trails on the Map - Often you can see a trail on the base map itself. If you know the coordinates of the trailhead, create a waypoint and enter the coordinates. If you do not see the trail, try switching to other map sources .
4. Help - If you cannot find a GPX track or map source with your trail marked on it, please email and we'll help you find a way to plan your trip.
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    When I search for a trail, a marker appears but the trail is never highlighted. This makes it extremely difficult to find the beginning or end of the trail. The app also does not show any details about the trail such as length and elevation. How do I get a refund? This is horrible.

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