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Create A Planned Route

1. Tap the Waypoint icon.

2. Tap "Create Route or Measure Distance".

3.Choose between the different snap-to-trail modes, or select straight line to manually plot the route.


  • The app offers 3 snap-to-trail modes: Hiking, Biking, and Driving.
  • Snap-to-trail route creation requires an internet connection, straight line manual routing works offline.
  • The snap-to-trail feature utilizes OpenStreetMap data. Use OSM-based sources like Gaia Topo, OpenHikingMap HD, OpenLandscapeMap HD, and OpenCycleMap HD for best results. You can tap the layers icon to change the map source during route creation:

4. Drag the first point that appears on the map to your desired starting point.

5. Long tap a location on the map to create another point. Plot points and manipulate the line until you have your desired route.

6. Tap the edit icon to delete a point, or create a waypoint. 

7. While using a snap-to-trail mode, your route will snap to existing trail data

  • An elevation profile will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap and slide your finger across the profile to see the corresponding location along your route.

8. When you finish plotting the route, tap Save at the top-right of the screen. Your route will now be available in your Saved Route list. 

Follow these directions to create routes on gaiagps.com, which you can sync back to your device. With GaiaPro, you can also print routes.

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