Back-up Your Data to the Web

To back-up and sync your data between your devices, log in to your account from the app.

1. Tap the menu button, then select settings.

2. Tap "Account" to sync your existing account OR tap "Make a Gaia Account" or "Log in with Facebook" to create a new one.

3. Choose Sync with GaiaCloud to back-up data from your device to

Tap on "Last Sync" to trigger a new sync. 

Note: If the sync repeatedly fails while you have a strong internet connection, open this URL from your device: (You must click on the link from your email or from this Knowledge Base page to force the sync).

This should launch Gaia GPS on your device and force a sync. Please allow the app to sit on the Settings screen until today's date shows next to Last Sync. This may take several minutes depending on how much data needs to sync.


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