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Export Tracks, Routes and Waypoints to GPX or KML

This article will show you how to export tracks, routes and waypoints from the app by email, airdrop and iTunes .
  • Choose your preferred export method.

You can also choose to export all tracks, waypoints, or routes at one time by tapping the "share" button from your saved lists and selecting "Export."

Follow the instructions in the Turn on AirDrop portion of this Apple support document for both the sending and receiving devices.

Once both iOS devices have AirDrop enabled, navigate to the Saved data you want to AirDrop and select Export .

Select your recipient from the AirDrop field. If their device doesn't show in the list, try enabling AirDrop from both devices again .


You will be prompted to select a program for the drop.


Once Gaia GPS is selected, a popup will indicate the import succeeded.


Every time you import a file into Gaia GPS, a new folder is created .

The default name of the AirDropped Folder is track.gpx, the track and waypoint names are attached to the contents. Follow the instructions here to rename the file.


Note: iTunes Export is currently only compatible with Mac computers. See this post for more information.

Select export Zip from the export options.

  • Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable (which should launch iTunes)
  • Select your device from the menu on the top of the iTunes window, then select Apps


  • Scroll down to the File Sharing section, select Gaia GPS from the Apps list, and then find the Export file to drag and drop onto your desktop.

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