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Do your maps have trails?

While some trails are already visible on our maps sources, it may still be a good idea to import specific trails that you are interested in.

You can find more trails by going to gaiagps.com/map and selecting to view public trips.

If you find a trail that you want to save, you can add it to your own account by following these instructions

Then sync the track to your device.

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    Pathetically little said here about trails.  This is a HUGE interest to users. At the least you should tell which maps have trails and how to use them to construct a route with the maps.  

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    need names of trails for my tracks.  no easy way to figure this out on my own.  Maps are confusing too!

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    I find that the base Gaia Map is doing well with trails.  Many trails of interest are on this map, both in the US and out of it.  The "create a route" function works very well on trails.  It is smoother than some of the other mapping sites, and currently my preference for long hike planning.

    That said, of course not all trails are on this.  OpenHikingMap layer is another option, but the standard Gaia layer tends to be better in my experience. The trails I find missing are usually pretty small, abandoned, etc.  

    To construct a trail route, just select the "create a route", then make it a walking route, then click away on the trail.  I usually put in quite a few points, but the auto routing along the trails works well. If you find straight lines joining your points, try a being a little more precise with your point on the trail, or move it to a different location.  But you really only need points to get the proper routing thru-out.


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