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GaiaPro - How to Download Layered Maps

To download layered maps, first create your customized layered map .

1. Tap the Layers icon to view the Layers menu.

2. Scroll down and tap "Download Maps" to select an area for download.


3. Select the area of the map you would like to download by dragging the dots at the corners of the selection rectangle.

4. Then, make sure to adjust your max zoom levels.
Note: the higher the max zoom, the crisper the detail of your map download. Keep in mind, increasing the max zoom also increases the size of the download.

6. When you've completed your selection, tap "Save" to begin downloading your maps.


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    Andrew Riser

    I note that weather maps can be downloaded and then overlaid with other maps...cool...but for me I need a weather update while on the trail.  That is, when I'm out of cell range.  Is there anyway to do this?

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